Who We Are

Shomrei Emet is an international organization, based in both the United States and in Israel. We exist to empower Jewish people across the religious spectrum, regardless of observance level or affiliation in their Jewish experience through educational programming and support services.  Many of our programs equip Jewish people to know how to answer challenges to their faith, especially by missionary claims.  These programs contribute to developing a meaningful and relevant spiritual life within the context of Judaism.

Shomrei Emet’s Institute for Counter-Missionary Studies provides curriculum and training along two separate tracks of study.

The first track is aimed at educating Rabbis, Kiruv workers, and Jewish communal professionals in certain aspects of Missionary Christianity which may be relevant in the work they do, as well as an understanding of the mindset of Hebrew-Christians or “Messianic Jews”.

It has been our observation that many Hebrew-Christians at one time or another have gone to a Rabbi or other Jewish professional to seek clarification or assistance while weighing certain Christian beliefs only to be turned away because of impatience or ignorance on the part of the professional from whom they sought help. The Institute of Counter-Missionary Studies endeavors to eradicate this phenomenon through education of such professionals in a Jewishly sensitive and sensible context.

The second track is aimed at educating Jewish people who have gotten involved in, or are considering getting involved in some form of Missionary Christianity or “Messianic Judaism”. Through a series of Scripture-based studies, each of which builds on the next, a foundation for a Jewish understanding of the bible, G-d, salvation and the messiah is established.

As a student works through these studies, Shomrei Emet provides a chavruta who will serve as both a study partner and a mentor to the student, to help them as they work through difficult issues or areas they may encounter.

All of Shomrei Emet’s mentors are trained through a curriculum which is an abridged version of the communal professional program, and are sensitive to the different needs of our students.

Shomrei Emet’s Association of Counter-missionary Professionals seeks to serve as a vehicle for association, camaraderie, and an open exchange of ideas and information allowing each professional and organization to do its work more efficiently. Through conferences, teleconferences, forums, a monthly newsletter and other programs, the ACMP will serve as a support network for its members.

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